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"A Little Old, A Little New" Tap artist Luke Hickey premieres his new work at Birdland in NYC

Luke Hickey, one of tap's young emerging artists and voices, captured the attention of educators, producers, and professional dancers around him at just 10 years old. A recent graduate of Pace University, he is also a choreographer, filmmaker, and actor from Chapel Hill, NC making his own mark in the heart of NYC with the premiere of his show "a little Old, a little New". Here are some of his thoughts on inspiration, age, and why you shouldn't wait to express your creative impulses. 
Ayodele Casel: I’m super excited about your upcoming show. I have no idea what to expect because I haven’t ever seen your work but knowing you as a human and as an artist, in all of your facets, I just know that everything you do is going to be really thoughtful and beautiful so I want to ask you. How’s it going? How do you feel? Is this your first time presenting your work in NYC?
Luke Hickey: This is my first time presenting work in NY, actually anywhere. I’ve had moments where I’ve had …

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