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Entry # 6

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  I am writing this on  "Black Friday" which is traditionally known as the first shopping day of the Holiday Season. Whether you are home having some Thanksgiving leftovers or catching one of the many door buster deals we all need some R & R to balance out that excitement. Here at  thatgirl006 we are creating a new format called "thatgirl's Quick Hits". thatgirl's Quick Hits is a list comprised of the latest Theater, Movies, TV and other bits to check out around our great city. In addition to brief notes from us, thatgirl's Quick Hits will have a star rating from 1 to 5,  5 being Super Hot and 1 being Not so Hot.

Earlier this week I attended a clips screening and Q&A of The Central Park 5 the new documentary by Ken Burns. The Central Park 5 were a group of teenagers ranging in ages from 14-16 who were wrongly convicted and imprisoned in  1990 for an assault on a woman in Central Park in 1989. They each spent 6 to 13 years in prison. In 2002 each of the convictions were vacated when the real perpetrator came forward and pleaded guilty to the crime. This case, like many others, brings to light the failings of our justice system. After watching 20 minutes of the clips I had goose bumps and I experienced a range of emotions. I urge you all to go out and support this documentary if you can. The Central Park 5 is in theaters now.

I also attended a special screening of the eagerly awaited Les Miserables at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. So exciting! Also, last weekend I attended a new play from The Atlantic Theater Company called "What Rhymes With America" By Melissa James Gibson. It has been on Broadway for nearly 8 months and I finally got to check it out along with "Nice Work If You Can Get It" starring Tony Winner Matthew Broderick and Tony Nominee Kelli O'Hara!! Woo Hoo!

thatgirl's Quick Hits


Blue Man Group  Playing At The Astor Place Theatre
* * *
Innovative, and Fun. Although the show hits some cliche notes you get to live a
childhood or adulthood fantasy in one of the last scenes.

Chaplin  Playing At The Barrymore Theatre On Broadway
* * * *
Never have I ever seen a show designed completely in black, white and gray that
looked so cool. Rob McClure is a standout and it's great to see Chaplin's life
back on stage.

Cyrano De Bergerac  Playing At The American Airlines Theatre On Broadway
* *
Tony Winner Douglas Hodge is great in the title role. However, this production
hasn't "sniffed" the good bits and never rises to the occasion.

Dead Accounts  Playing At The Music Box Theatre On Broadway
* *
Norbert Leo Butz is a wonderful theatre actor and always dazzles. Katie Holmes
returns to Broadway in an ok performance in a so so play.

Fuerza Bruta   Playing At The Daryl Roth Theatre
* * * * *
A 90 minute standing theatrical experience that pulsates with Brazilian rhythms
and fantastical experiences that will soothe you soul and make you say "WOW" and "AHH". Recently extended get your tickets today!!

Giant Playing At The Public Theatre
* *
This musical clocks in at 3hrs plus and tries to tackle too many story lines.
Kate Baldwin, Brian d'Arcy James, Bobby Steggert and Natalie Cortez are superb.

If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet  Playing At The Laura Pels Theatre
* *
Oscar Nominee Jake Gyllenhaal makes his New York stage debut in this poignant, but quirky play.

Murder Ballad Playing At Manhattan Theatre Club
* *
This new musical tries to be innovative and nouveau but doesn't quite hit the
mark. A+ performers

Newsies  Playing At The Nederlander Theatre On Broadway
* * * *
A 1990's classic film turned nicely into a Broadway Show. Corey Cott steals the show
as Jack Kelly The leader of The "Newsies" who take on the big guys and shut them down.

Once Playing At The Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre On Broadway
* * * *
This Oscar winning film is beautifully transferred to the stage. The standout
performances of Tony Winner Steve Kazee and Tony Nominee Cristin Milioto are not to
be missed.

Radiance  Playing At The Bank Street Theatre
* * *
Well directed , good lighting, great performances , but the forced sentimentality
and the level of nostalgia it aims is never quite met.

Roost Playing At P.S. 122

Poorly directed with a script that can use lots of rewriting. The actors work
with what they have.

Scandalous  Playing At The Neil Simon Theatre On Broadway
* * *
Lots of critics are out for Kathie Lee Gifford, but she actually does a
great job on her Broadway Debut writing the book, music and lyrics!

Sorry Playing At The Public Theater
* *
Sorry is stale and redundant, but it's worth seeing because these actors don't
miss a beat in working organically off of each other.

The Exonerated  Playing At Culture Project
* * * * *
The heartbreaking stories of falsely imprisoned Americans. This production is
superbly written and directed. The rotating cast of celebrity and hard working
theatre actors are extraordinary!

The Mystery Of Edwin Drood  Playing At Studio 54 On Broadway
The Misery Of Edwin Drood as I call it falls flat and hard. This British
musical never presents any mystery and I never really cared to know what, where
when, or how the mystery unfolds. The only reason to see this show is to see Theatre Legend Chita Rivera!

The Piano Lesson Playing At The Irene Diamond Theatre At The Pershing Square Signature Center
* * * * *
August Wilson's Words , August Wilson's Characters And August Wilson's Joy And

The Twenty Seventh Hour Playing At The Public Theater
* * *
It's incredible to see a show with top notch New York actors, flawless lighting design,
and wonderful set.

War Horse  Playing At The Vivian Beaumont Theatre At Lincoln Center  On Broadway
* * * * *
Heartbreaking, magnificently directed, no cost spared on this production. You'll
actually see why a show costs $150 + . In addition you'll cry your eyes out in
the last scene!

Anna Karenina Playing In Theaters Nationwide
* * * * *
This is one of the most beautiful films  with extraordinary Art Direction,
Cinematography, Costume Design, Makeup, Choreography and Direction.

Argo  Playing In Theaters Nationwide
* * * * *
Ben Affleck directs his second film with patriotic tenderness. This is the film
to beat at The Oscars!

End Of Watch Own It On DVD January 2013
* * * * *
Jake Gyllenhall and Michael Pena show the importance of Brotherhood in this
gritty and wonderfully executed cop drama! Perfection!

Flight Playing In Theaters Nationwide
* * * * *
A wonderful film that asks the most important question of each of us. Denzel dazzles
as airline pilot William "Whip" Whitaker.

Hyde Park On Hudson  To Be Released On December 7 2012
* * *
Bill Murray  plays FDR wonderfully. It's delightful to see the characters of  King George VI and Queen Elizabeth last seen in last year's Oscar winner "The
King's Speech" recreated impeccably by Samuel West and Olivia Colman. Two Oscar contenders.

Life Of Pi  Playing In Theaters Nationwide
* * * *
Suraj Sharma is magnificent in this film. Mr. Sharma never acted a day in his
life before this film but delivers a performance like a seasoned veteran. The
meaning of this film is a bit muddled, but to watch what he does alone on screen
for 2 hours is extraordinary .

Middle Of Nowhere
Playing In Theaters Nationwide
* * * * *
A beautiful film about how far one is willing to invest in oneself or choose
over her marriage. An incredible debut from Emayatzy Cornealdi and a show stopping
performance and Oscar worthy performance from Lorraine Toussaint!

The House I Live In Playing In Theaters Nationwide
* * * * *
One of the most important documentaries in American History. It speaks about the American Drug War and the corrupt prison system and horrible social cycle that keeps our world in a downward spiral.

The Other Son Playing In Theaters Nationwide
* * * * *
This is the most touching and beautiful film of the year. The story of two boys switched at birth. One child is Palestinian and the other Israeli. Each boy is reunited with his parents of conflicting countries and conflicting views. This movie is perfect in every way!


DTLA  Can Be Seen On TV On Logo
* * *
A new series that airs on Logo centers around Lenny and Bryan's complicated relationship. The is a fun new show about the crazy world of Downtown Los Angeles !

Elementary Can Be Seen On CBS
* *
Lucy Liu returns to primetime TV! Johnny Lee Miller is great. Some stronger
writing is needed for Liu and the show in order for it to survive.


The Ride  Located In Times Square
* * * * *
Guaranteed to be the best fun you will ever have on a bus in New York City. The Ride will reignite your flame of why you love New York City and why New York City is the greatest city in the world!
Until Next Time " Live And Love New York, New York"


Jason E. Bernard - is a native New Yorker from The Bronx. Jason began seeing theatre at the age of 4 and at the age of 17 made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award Winning musical " Bring In Da' Noise, Bring In Da' Funk". Jason toured the world for 10 years with the international dance show "Riverdance". He has performed with Cois Ceim Dance Theatre  in Ireland and was a  member of the original companies of "Cotton Club Parade" City Center Encores! and Kris Johnson's " Jim Crow's Tears". To date, Jason has attended over 1,000 shows on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Concerts and counting. He has all the Playbills to prove it! :)
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 A Star Is Born, A Legend In The Making, Washington (DC) & Washington (Denzel)
Entry #5
Hi Everyone! I hope you all are well, wonderful and still recovering well from the storm! Since the last time I posted our 44th President Barack Obama has been re-elected Woooo Hoooo! And I've seen a whole bunch of great theatre and great Movies. I've reviewed two of them and recommended the perfect spot for the best martinis.  I hope you all enjoy this one!

Theater Review-

In the past 6 years Colman Domingo has emerged as one of the most versatile and sought-after theater actors. Mr. Domingo holds a degree in journalism from Temple University and  has truly blessed and moved us with his beautifully written plays and courageous acting performances. He starred in the TONY winning "Passing Strange" and was nominated for a TONY Award for his performance in Kander and Ebb's final Broadway collaboration, "The Scottsboro Boys". I first saw Mr. Domingo live a few years back at The Vineyard Theatre in his first Off-Broadway solo show "A Boy And His Soul". I remember sitting in the first row and being completely mesmerized by his sheer talent. Watching him  I thought "Wow, that man is a storyteller and he's telling my story". The story of a human being living and surviving in this world and all the while telling his story ever so eloquently and with honesty.  A few years later I saw Colman Domingo in "The Scottsboro Boys" (3 Times) and again he was revealing  his soul. It was clear to me that others were seeing what I was because later that season he also starred in "Chicago" on Broadway. In his latest masterpiece Wild With Happy Mr. Domingo is again bringing magic to the stage 8  times a week and fortunately for you it has just been extended thru November 18 and when purchasing your tickets please remember to use the  code "STORM" for $25 tickets. Wild With Happy is the story of Gil (Domingo) whose Mother has recently died and he goes  back home to Philadelphia to arrange her funeral. Gil, now a 40 year old man who has  some  unresolved issues with  himself,  his mother,  and the handling of his Mother's funeral. His Aunt Glo has issues with it too and addresses them head on with vigor.  Aunt Glo is magnificently embodied by Sharon
photo: Joseph Moran
Washington who was last seen on Broadway with Colman in "The Scottsboro Boys". I've always proclaimed that "The Stage Is Where Stars Are Born And Legends Are Made" and with this performance it is clear to all that "A Star Is Born". Aunt Glo is a woman who might have a gaudy way of dressing, acting and saying irrational and politically incorrect things, but don't think she doesn't know what's going on. Ms. Washington has created a character with a heart of gold and a woman who still has some life lessons of her own to learn. In the play she grows to learn to that Gil's truth is as valid as her truth. Rounding out the cast with stellar performances are Korey Jackson and Maurice McRae who are the bow that make this piece a finely wrapped gift. The genius of Director Robert O'hara is apparent in this play. The performers often have you bursting at the seams with laughter, but also the piece is so well crafted that you could burst into tears at any moment because of the truthfulness (and unspoken truths) masked by the laughs. The night I saw the  show there was another patron who was sitting directly behind me with a very distinct laugh who was enjoying the show just as much as I was. It wasn't until after leaving the theatre and going back to my seat where I left my Playbill (I collect all of them) did I notice that it was the voice of Darth Vader himself. Yup, that's right , James Earl Jones was having the time of his life sitting in the chair right behind me! Soooo Cool! This play is for anyone who covers pain or who has unresolved issues, but is open to truly listening to his  heart. After seeing the play I felt so grateful to Mr. Domingo and the whole production team  for helping to restore my faith in the American Theatre. It had been awhile since I'd seen such a beautiful balance of fantasy and imagination in a play. Please go see this play and imagine the possibility of a life "Wild With Happy".

Movie Review-

Denzel Washington has been making movies for nearly 40 years. He's most famous for standout performances early in his career with director Spike Lee in the films "Mo Better Blues" and "Malcolm X" (Oscar Nomination). Since then he's gone on to build an incredible body of work as an actor and director in over in over 50 films racking up 5 Oscar nominations and 2 Oscar Wins. Mr. Washington won his first Oscar in 1990 for playing Private Trip in "Glory" and stealing our hearts in that heartbreaking scene forever etched in our minds. 12 years later he  won his 2nd Oscar for playing the horrifying bad cop Detective Alonzo Harris in "Training Day". Since winning these Oscars he's gone on to produce and direct many films and took home a TONY Award for Starring as Troy Maxson in The Broadway Revival Of August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize winning Fences. In the last couple of years many of Mr. Washington's films (in my opinion) have steered in the direction of creating parable-like stories. In The Book Of Eli SPOILER ALERT!!!! Skip this next line if you haven't seen it!
 His character was a blind man lead by Faith. 
 In  his latest film Flight his character Whip performs a miraculous act, but is he a Saint? In this movie he uses drugs and drinks heavily, but is he on his way to a life of destruction or redemption? This movie pairs Denzel and the Oscar winning Robert Zemeckis who brought us great films like "Back To The Future" and "Forrest Gump". Zemeckis and Washington make the perfect pair because they are both at the top of their games and the movie is good! I didn't blink once watching this movie. Washington is a tour de force with a bad guy character very similar to Leo DiCaprio in "Catch Me If You Can". The subtleties in his character are what really make his performance super. One bit to watch out for is his behavior when he goes to the AA meeting. He really does something extraordinary and so beautifully honest. I believe this performance will certainly bring him his 6th Oscar nomination. All of the supporting cast members are great including Don Cheadle, Bruce Greenwood, John Goodman, Kelly Reilly, Tamara Tunie and Oscar winner Melissa Leo. This movie is a must see because it asks the one question that is most important to us all. What is that question you might ask? Well you'll have to see the movie.

Cool Cocktails-

0ne of my favorite spots in the NYC is  Maria's Mont Blanc located at 315 W. 48th street. Mont Blanc is an Austrian and Swiss restaurant famous for both the fondue and the bar. The restaurant is managed by Lola Rivera (sister of 2 Time TONY Award winning theatrical legend Chita Rivera). On any given day "MMB" is filled with theatre insiders chatting about the theatre world pre and post show. The menu is very eclectic ranging from items such as herring and sour cream to an assortment of pizzas with toppings such as shrimp and pesto. What really makes "MMB" a standout is that, in my opinion, they have the best Martinis in the NYC! They have an incredible selection of  fruit infused (with real fruit slices) martinis with flavors such as Peach, Watermelon and Mandarin Ginger. These Martinis are super strong and only one is recommended unless you are planning to take the next day off! In a time when folks are even more concerned about money and the  cost of the average Martini in the NYC being $14 and can go up to $10,000 for the Diamond Martini. Yup, that's right $10,000 for an actual diamond in martini. That makes the $6 cost for a  Martini at " MMB" an absolute steal. You can have 3 Very Strong Martinis for the price of 1! Woo Hoo! Sounds like a deal to me, but please always remember to drink responsibly and have good time!

I hope you've all enjoyed this post and I look forward to seeing you all back here next week !

Until Next Time " Live And Love New York, New York"

Jason E. Bernard - is a native New Yorker from The Bronx. Jason began seeing theatre at the age of 4 and at the age of 17 made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award Winning musical " Bring In Da' Noise, Bring In Da' Funk". Jason toured the world for 10 years with the international dance show "Riverdance". He has performed with Cois Ceim Dance Theatre  in Ireland and was a  member of the original companies of "Cotton Club Parade" City Center Encores! and Kris Johnson's " Jim Crow's Tears". To date, Jason has attended over 1,000 shows on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Concerts and counting. He has all the Playbills to prove it! :)
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Spectacular Performances And Incredible Sandwiches