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Dewitt Fleming Jr.- Tap Dancer, Actor, and Musician Speaks On His Quest To Be Heard

Dew It Right Tap Mics created by tap dancer Dewitt Fleming, Jr. Acclaimed performing artist Dewitt Fleming Jr. has had an awe-inspiring career. The New York Times proclaims “he is a non-stop source of rhythmic variety and surprise…sparks seem to fly from those shoes!" Also an actor, choreographer, and percussionist, he has now created microphones specifically designed for tap dancers.  Ayodele Casel: Sound during a performance is an element tap dancers are always trying to control and perfect. What was the impetus for you to create this much-needed product in a tap dancer’s life? Dewitt Fleming Jr.: You’ve done shows. You know how it is. You go to a place to perform and the situation for sound is always bad.   But I would always get excited when I’d do musicals because most of the time they would have a rig made where they had soldered together two lavalier microphones. It was usually in houses that have a little bit more money. When I did Cirque Du Soleil they inve

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