pink angel music:the brooklyn series

Beginning November 2007 @ No Name Cyber Cafe!!!

Created and produced by thatgirl006, Inc., pink angel music: the brooklyn series is the precursor to the pink angel music festival.
The festival will be positioned as a feeder festival for the independent and major record labels.
Our mission is to create spaces for talent to be heard, nurtured and celebrated. By creating a FREE, ongoing music series, we will also create and develop a new, more discerning audience base that will demand, purchase and support quality music.
pink angel music: the brooklyn series will provide the time and space needed for artists to take risks with their work. They will receive immediate audience feedback and the process won't end there! Each artist will have additional opportunities to return and perform their revised work for different audiences over and over again. By working this way, these musicians will also be developing a built-in fan base for other performance dates and record/ merchandise sales.

Join us as we challenge ourselves to source and produce music that speaks to the souls of the people that hear it. We intend to live in a world where the music standards are high and artists are respected as teachers and leaders in our society! You can set the wheels in motion by simply coming into the cafe! But be warned my sweets, it may not be what you're used to. there will be no mics, no amps, no tracks, no tricks and no attitude. if you like good music, stimulating conversation and hanging out in a warm, friendly atmosphere, we've got just what your heart desires..!

please be prepared to show your appreciation by offering a small donation to the artists...after all darlings...everyone's gotta eat! (wink, air kiss)