DJ Dancer is the new thatgirl006. Inc. resident DJ when you attend a thatgirl006, Inc event expect to hear some serious beats! he is giving it to you in a major way!

DJ Dancer along with DJ L.A. Thomas spin every sunday at 'T' party at Sullivan room. Any serious party person knows how hard it is to get a weekly going and how hard it is to keep it alive. this is a really great space, a party promoted and created by dancers, for dancers and house heads. the vibe is warm and inviting and the music will make you want to break your back! we want this party to withstand the test of time so come out! we all need to attend the party this sunday and buy at least one drink (even if it is just water or soda). the admission is half price (just $5.00) so spend the other half at the bar or the owners may shut it down!

i know there are many parties sunday evening but what happened to the days of party hopping in the NYC???!!

(the following is a message from the DJs)

Dance like nobody is watching; Love like you've never been hurt;
Sing like nobody is listing; Live like it's heaven on earth!
Dear friends,
first of all we like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday with your friends and families in peace and good health.

This week we say thank you to all of you who have supported us at the "T" at Sullivan Room so far. As the pictures of past weeks show, you who came had lots of fun with the performances, the music and your friends.
Unfortunately the bar at the Sullivan Room (which is our host) has not shown great numbers in the past weeks and we have to change that. That's why we asking YOU to support our party and come down this Sunday and celebrate the music with us. We need as many people to come by as possible!!! As a little Holiday extra we lowered the price at the door to $ 5 all night! Please bring all your friends. We like to continue this party but we can't do it without you.
We have a great live performance coming by international acclaimed guitarist Gab Guma featuring LotusFlower and Francesca Maria. Show time is midnight!

Our resident DJ's Dancer and L.A. Thomas will heat up the room and guarantee you will dance! Your hosts Steven and Buster make you feel right at home and give you the Holiday feel.

Please support us at "T" at the Sullivan Room from 7 PM - 2 AM. Listen a little, swing a little and dance a lot. Resident
DJ's Dancer & L.A. Thomas.
with your hosts "BUSTER" & STEVEN
Celebrate with us a new chapter of
Sunday 7 pm to 2 am
218 Sullivan Street
between Bleeker & W 3rd Street
(Greenwich Village)
$ 5 ALL NIGHT!!!
Subways A B C D E F (to W 4 Street)

Check us out at:
Check out the Sullivan Room:

Support House Music!

Divine Love & Eternal Peace from L.A. Thomas