thatgirl006 has a new love... Deity

Many people see me as "that girl" running from party to party, shopping all day, breaking only for a mid-day cocktail. You know what? They're right! BUT, I really am a hard working business woman at heart darlings. It takes lots of time, energy and devotion to stay on top of all of the best parties, events, music, products and services and then, (excuse me, breathing hard at the thought of it) decide what is appropriate for sharing with my loyal, friends. ;-)

Here is just the thing!! Check the hot new accessories by DEITY. Khary Septh and Kyle Banks are the ridiculously handsome, talented men behind DEITY. Khary is an accomplished fashion designer and has designed clothing for Beyonce Knowles, Liv Tyler and Kerry Washington to name a few. Kyle is a model, singer and accessories designer. Both have flawless taste and they have worked together to create a collection that is urban, edgy, sexy and classic. In short, its perfect. The best thing is...this is just the beginning. We can expect much more from these two in the near future.
"It girls" aren't supposed to wear the same thing twice. I'm happy that I'm not one of them because I've been wearing my Deity neck piece almost everyday. Trust me, my honey bunches of oats, I haven't gotten any complaints!

go to check it. buy. you won't regret it.