thatgirl006 has a new musical home!

University of the Streets on New York's Lower East Side is the new spot to find thatgirl and friends.

Located at 130 E. 7th street (near the corner of Ave. A) on the the second floor, University of the Streets is filled with the energy of decades of music and performance art.

This throw-back performance space is one of the landmark arts spaces in New York. I dare say it looks like the original decor is still in place! This space (somewhat reminiscent of P.S.122) is the new home of Juan J Martinez Productions. thatgirl (yes that's me) is the newest booking agent for musical artists.

The University of the Streets theatre has been home to many of the world's most influential Jazz Musician's and Performance Artists. To read more about the theatre click here:

Producer Juan J Martinez has been scouring the city in search of the brightest and best in emerging hip-hop, reggaeton and R & B artists. He has quickly developed a reputation for finding the best darlings! He has hosted showcases for Sony and MTV and will be presenting a Hip-Hop Showcase (contest) December16th @ 7pm and The 1st Annual East Village Hop-Hop Music Awards for unsigned artists December 23rd at 10pm.

We will be booking artists that are accomplished, have been performing live regularly and have a following. I am particularly interested in Jazz, Soul, Rock and R & B Artists. If you fall into two or more of these categories, or you know someone who does, post a comment at the bottom of this entry!

Visit this page often, to see the list of artists and performance details!