Double 7 World...

Pete Chatmon & Forrest Renaissance hosted a launch party for the new Double 7 World website and thatgirl was in attendance! i must say, the fellas did a bang up job. it was a sexy evening and the website is everything that they promised.

check it out @

the site will feature artists of the week, updates about the Double 7 Film projects, an online art gallery and more!

Special guest, Rock Pianist, Eric Lewis ripped it and due to the fab giveaways, yours truly gets to do one of her favorite things... SHOP! at classickicks courtesy of Double 7 World!!

what more can a girl ask for?

Do yourselves a favor and visit today. don't say i didn't tell you ;-)

** Note: if pasting the address into your browser window is too much for you, just look over to the left and click the link. you know sugar plums, if you subscribe to the RSS feed, you won't even have to do all the work of going to the site each day. like magic, pouff, it will come to you! i know life is hard darlings. thankfully thatgirl is here to make it a little easier ;-)