Erika Weber - MS LAc. Acupuncturist

As we move into Fall and Winter, our lifestyle changes and some of us find it difficult to remain as active. Working out in the gym to maintain and/or to improve the bods, for winter-time tropical excursions and ultimately for next summer, can take a toll. The cold weather can lead to tense muscles and the indoor heat can dry our skin and affect our breathing.

If you are active in sports, yoga, dancing or the like you know what it's like to step in out of the cold and "hit it hard" only to be crazy sore the next day when you show up to do it all again. Alternately, if you are a mover and shaker on the business front, you know what long periods of sitting can do to the body.

Well darlings, help is on the way! thatgirl is all about sharing the wealth. When it comes to body maintenance, we are sitting on a gold mine.

After years of dancing on a steel stage, my back was, how shall I put it?... DESTROYED. After one treatment from our featured professional of the week, ERIKA WEBER, I felt relief and a dramatic increase in flexibility. Additionally, before and after 24 hours of travel to and from South Africa, I got jet-lag treatments and felt totally adjusted in less than half the normal time!

Ladies and Gentleman, friends and friendlettes...

Meet Erika Weber MS LAc.

Erika Weber is a licensed Acupuncturist trained at Tri-State college of Acupuncture (TSCA), the only college where training is given in Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM), KM, Kiiko Matsumoto, Japanese style Acupuncture, and TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine. Erika has also studied in Japan with five Master Practitioners including Master Kawaii who first used diode ion cords that are used for stimulating points for quicker recovery.
Erika's background comes from over 20 years of using and understanding the body through dance. During her career she faced may injuries and one of her most intense and quick recoveries happened during a few treatments of acupuncture. With her knowledge of the body and her outstanding education she shares with her patients to help them understand their own bodies.
The expert training Erika received from Master Practitioners enables her to utilizes a range of treatment options tailored to the specific needs of each patient. This combined with her compassionate spirit facilitates the health and well being of her patients.

Acupuncture Effectively Treats

* Allergies / Asthma
* Anxiety / Depression
* Arthritis / Joint Pain
* Musculoskeletal Pain / Back Pain / Neck Pain
* Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
* Colds / Flu
* Cough / Bronchitis
* Fatigue / Immune Deficiency
* Digestive Issues/ IBS / Gastritis
* Headache / Migraine
* PMS / Gyn Problems
* Sciatica
* Shoulder / Knee Pain
* Skin Problems
* Stress / Tension
* Tendonitis

Services Include:
Gua Sha

Call 646-221-6535 to schedule an appointment or to have Erika address any questions you have regarding Acupuncture or your condition.

Effective East Asian Medicine
205 East 16th off 3rd Ave.
NYC 10003

Erika is passionate about her work and is invested in the health and well-being of every client, give her a call sugar plums!

by the way, although it is true that I do it for the love, you can thank me for this one. (wink)


  1. Thanks That Girl 006. This is so informative. I've been wanting to find a new acupuncturist and Erika seems to be perfect for me. I'm looking forward to next weeks spotlight.

  2. Natural Beauty5:28 PM

    Thank You so much! I've been looking for an acupuncturist:)) Definitely will give Erika a call!


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