Madonna Draws Blood

by Rod Gailes OBC

In a world where "Every record sounds the same", where music audiences are fractured, where new music lacks any sense of excitement or artistic layers, and where digital downloading has discouraged the greats from even recording any more (Where r u @ Prince?), I am surprisingly NOT disappointed in Madge's "new" musical statement, "Give Me All Your Luvin'".

"I see you coming and I don't wanna know your name. I see ya coming and ya gonna have to change the game." This pithy pop lyric draws first blood in a Madge initiated cat fight with Lady Gaga! It's hillarous and so reminiscent of early Hip Hop "Beef" and "answer" records (Real Roxanne). "Why'dja have to make a record 'bout me!? The M.A.D.O.N.N.A," the material girl seems to be saying in blatant reference to the "love"  and plagiarism of which Gaga has been accused. If you've been around long enough to know, You must join me in ROTFLMAO!

Go Madonna! This heifer is still winning 30 years into the game. She seems to be daring all comers to truly challenge her for the the "crown" or "step into my world" and join her team as clearly Nicky Minaj & MIA have. And didja catch the striking sing songy similarity to Toni Basil's "Hey Micky"? That, along with the cheerleaders, upends one of music videos earliest visual tropes. LOL!  

Watching a still HOT, 50+ yo, sexually viable Madonna be flagrantly self referencial (complete with Cross embossed stripper gear & Marilyn Monroe wigs) with rap "stars" Nicki Minaj & MIA in tow cast as LITERAL cheerleaders, moments before her Super Bowl bow & just before releasing a new album, borders on brilliant pop culture commentary and exploitation! She's always done it so well.

 I take the liberty of referencing another pop icon, Janet Jackson (who, I must say, did not leverage her Super Bowl shot into making her then upcoming album "Damita Jo" a hit). Let us adjust  her lyrics from an interlude preceding the totally ignored Black Power anthem, "New Agenda" (give it a listen)  to suit the occasion: "And to a world sick with (insert MEDIOCRITY), get well soon." -janet "New Agenda"

Culture commentator, Rod Gailes OBC is a writer/director for the stage and screen interested in building artistic fraternity with artists across disciplines. Follow him at: