Syndee Winters LIVE at Ella Lounge Monday, July 30th 8:00pm

Currently starring as Nala in Disney's The Lion King, actress, singer/songwriter, animal lover, social media enthusiast and former New York Knicks City Dancer, Syndee Winters possesses exceptional talent punctuated by a breezy, captivating personality.

thatgirl recently spent some time with Syndee as she prepares for her upcoming live show at Ella Lounge NYC.

TG: Name one thing that you do very well but you enjoy the luxury of having someone do for you.
SW: Making a sandwich! I'm pretty efficient at making a mean turkey and cheese but there is something about when someone, especially someone special makes a sandwich for me. I feel like it's made with love...

TG: What is something that touring and performing on Broadway have in common that surprised you.
SW: I was so surprised by how easy of a transition it was from touring to the Broadway stage. I felt like my nerves were settled a bit more knowing that I would be going into a show that I was already familiar with. I was looking forward to working with a new company.

TG: What was the most natural aspect of making your music? The most challenging?
SW:The most natural aspect to me is definitely creating a melody. The most challenging is matching lyrics to the initial melody that I have created but just as any living organism, music is meant to change and evolve and become something that you never really had in mind in the first place but it is still something beautiful.

TG: What was the event in your personal history that has influenced your work the most?
SW: I remember watching the MTV Music Video Awards and wanting to be performing with my favorite artists at the time. Michael Jackson, *NSYNC and Britney Spears. They always had such an energy that I felt that I had in me and wanted to share.

TG: Share something that you believed when you were very young that you have found to be true now that you're older and wiser?
SW: All things are possible in time and if you believe in yourself. 

TG: One song you wish you had written or recorded first.
SW: Thriller!!! haha!! Not only because it's one of the most successful songs in history but it's such an awesome tune!

TG: Madonna or Blondie... or Cyndi Lauper?
SW: Madonna really pushed boundaries so I would have to say Madonna

TG: Twitter or Instagram?
SW: Instagram for sure!

TG: Spotify or Pandora?
SW:Pandora only because I'm not up on Spotify yet

TG: Stilettos or Wedges?
SW: ...Wedges...but if I need to Stiletto it I WILL!

TG: Does your work leave you any time for recreation? If so, what is your favorite way unwind?
SW: Spending time with GOOD people.

TG: Bonus question - Mad Men: Joan or Betty?
SW: Yikes!! I'm not up on Mad Men like I can't really say :)

I know what you're all thinking, we have to get Syndee up on Mad Men right away! 

Syndee Winters - 'WHAT U SAY' Behind The Scenes

See Syndee Live Monday, July 30th at 8:00pm $10 
Ella Lounge 9 Avenue A bet 1st and 2nd.

7:00pm and 9:00pm DJ sets by JSTN (Justin Johnston, most recently seen as Roger in Rent off Broadway)