The perfect pre-theater cocktail

by Broadwayjayb

Cool Cocktails-

0ne of my favorite spots in the NYC is  Maria's Mont Blanc located at 315 W. 48th street. Mont Blanc is an Austrian and Swiss restaurant famous for both the fondue and the bar. The restaurant is managed by Lola Rivera (sister of 2 Time TONY Award winning theatrical legend Chita Rivera). On any given day "MMB" is filled with theatre insiders chatting about the theatre world pre and post show. The menu is very eclectic ranging from items such as herring and sour cream to an assortment of pizzas with toppings such as shrimp and pesto. What really makes "MMB" a standout is that, in my opinion, they have the best Martinis in the NYC! They have an incredible selection of  fruit infused (with real fruit slices) martinis with flavors such as Peach, Watermelon and Mandarin Ginger. These Martinis are super strong and only one is recommended unless you are planning to take the next day off! In a time when folks are even more concerned about money and the  cost of the average Martini in the NYC being $14 and can go up to $10,000 for the Diamond Martini. Yup, that's right $10,000 for an actual diamond in martini. That makes the $6 cost for a  Martini at " MMB" an absolute steal. You can have 3 Very Strong Martinis for the price of 1! Woo Hoo! Sounds like a deal to me, but please always remember to drink responsibly and have good time!

Jason E. Bernard - is a native New Yorker from The Bronx. Jason began seeing theatre at the age of 4 and at the age of 17 made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award Winning musical " Bring In Da' Noise, Bring In Da' Funk". Jason toured the world for 10 years with the international dance show "Riverdance". He has performed with Cois Ceim Dance Theatre  in Ireland and was a  member of the original companies of "Cotton Club Parade" City Center Encores! and Kris Johnson's " Jim Crow's Tears". To date, Jason has attended over 1,000 shows on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Concerts and counting. He has all the Playbills to prove it! :)
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