GoodSpot + Angela's MIXTAPE + Camouflage NY screening

GoodSpot @ 105 Riv Monday
Angela's MIXTAPE until May 2nd
Camouflage NY Screening April 30th


It's Angela's MIXTAPE ya'll!!

This is where I would try to say something here about how great this play is (it is fantastic, a really fun ride) but Eisa has already done it so much better. Listen to what writer/actress Eisa Davis says about it in
this intro video.

Angela's MIXTAPE!


photo by Carol Rosegg

New Georges
and Hip-Hop Theater Festival


Eisa Davis
directed by
Liesl Tommy

with Kim Brockington, Denise Burse, Eisa Davis,
Ayesha Ngaujah
and Linda Powell

design by
Clint Ramos, Sarah Sidman, Jessica Jahn, Jane Shaw

Mondays through Saturdays 8pm
opens April 9 at 7pm

66 Wooster Street, Soho

$35 premium seating (reserved)
$20 general admission + student/seniors

for tickets, click here
or call SmartTix at 212-868-4444

psm Ryan Raduechel asm Danielle Teague-Daniels
props/guy friday Johnson Henshaw
casting Paul Davis/Calleri Casting press Jim Baldassare
associate producer Anna Hayman
a joint world premiere with Synchronicity Performance Group, Atlanta

for more information + group rates, call 646.336.8077

OBC DreamTheatre Presents...
Premiere NY Screening of
"Camouflage", first feature film from
Rod Gailes OBC
April 30, 2009, 7:00pm at The Cantor Film Center, NYC

click here to watch trailer

Promiscuity. Drug culture. Violence. Growing up in America. Growing up in Harlem.

Things are rough all over especially for Jason Robbie. A year after graduating high school, this 19-year old Harlemite is trying to find his way in a world laden with obstacles. With a dubious source of income, family problems, and a roving eye for the ladies, Jason struggles to better his life by realizing his dream to attend college.

Having a family member struggling with substance abuse is never easy. That, along with the pressures of an non-supportive school system, a pervasive drug culture, and omnipresent sexual distractions, makes it even more difficult for Jason. Does he pursue a career in the military as his Uncle Cash urges? Does he follow his mom's one piece of good advice: "Go to college"? Does he continue consuming his parade of female conquests or settle into the nurturing bosom of one good woman?

"Camouflage" is a cinematic collage capturing the essence of a very specific time and place in "pre-gentrified" Harlem: before Starbucks, Mac stores and million dollar condos. It offers a window into the otherwise private subculture of urban youth through its documentary style narrative examining a few weeks in the life of 19-year old Jason Robbie. Sex, Drugs & Video games: self-medicating distractions that keep millions of young people from focusing on positive, attainable goals. Can Jason break the cycle for himself? "Camouflage" is a racy, sometimes shocking, portrait of a young man swimming through a lifestyle with him as our willing but sometimes reluctant guide.

Screening will be April 30, 2009 7:00pm at The Cantor Film Center, 36 East 8th Street (near University Place)
This is a free event with RSVP. Seating is limited.
Priority seating offered with speedy response. RSVP to: