Experience NYC during the holidays!

Nothing beats New York during the holiday season! If you are lucky enough to be visiting our fair city this year we are sure you will agree. In the spirit of giving, we have decided to do a series of posts sharing our top picks for best NYC experiences this holiday season.

This week we have Broadwayjayb's top pick, one from thatgirl herself and drum roll please... one from Chondra L. Profit, Sarabi in the Broadway production of Disney's The Lion King!

Broadwayjayb picks:

The Ride - Times Square
He says...
"Guaranteed to be the most fun you will ever have on a bus in New York City. The Ride will reignite your flame for New York City and remind you why New York City is the greatest city in the world!"

thatgirl picks:

Top of the Rock - Rockefeller Center

She says...
"Absolutely stunning views of the city! The trip up to the top is an experience in itself. Stop along the way to take photos in front of drops that suggest that you and your friends are actually sitting upon the top of the Rock, enjoy adult beverages, snacks and if you're lucky, a bit of live music in the cafe at the top! An absolutely fabulous way to spend a few hours! Not to mention the proximity to great shopping and steps from the famed Rockefeller Christmas tree and Radio City Music Hall, home of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the fabulous Rockettes. Enjoy darlings!" 

Chondra Profit picks

Inside The Lion King: A FREE Anniversary Exhibit - Bryant Park

She says:

"This year, The Lion King celebrates 15 years on Broadway. What an exciting time to be a member of the cast!! Every aspect of the show is magical on its own. The attention to detail and the care taken to support the incredible vision of the creative team enhances the audience's experience. The costumes and puppets are a great example of this. Exhibit visitors will be able to interact with them and will see first hand how challenging it is to manipulate them thus, how hard my fellow cast-mates work 8 times a week tell the story through song and dance and very intricate puppetry. I enjoyed it and I hope everyone else will too!"

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