thatgirl006 Music Exclusive - Mila Jam's "Masters of the Universe" video

Our friends TheJamFam (the very handsome creative team behind music sensation Mila Jam) gave thatgirl the inside scoop about Mila's video release and we have been waiting with bated breath to share.

The official release is TODAY so watch "Masters of the Universe" now!!

 Video Credits:
"Masters of The Universe"- Mila Jam featuring Kayvon Zand
Directed by: Brian Thomas of SPINKICKpictures
Executive Producer, Artistic Director & Choreographer: Kellen Stancil
Director of Photography: Johnny Tsang
Lighting Design: Ken Bogardt
Assistant Producer: Jared Stanfield
Choreographers Assistant: Julius Anthony Rubio
Hair and Make Up: Deja Smith, Karla Hirkaler, Michael Clifton, and Kyss Oriel
Stylist: Kellen Stancil
Production Assistants: THEJAMFAM, Steven Cutts, Cassie Nordgren, Kyle Thomas, Matt Griffin
Dancers: Tori Pierce, Jana Krumholtz, Chelsey Arce, Estee Beck and The men of THEJAMFAM: Kellen Stancil, Jared Stanfield, Julius Anthony Rubio, Rafael Sanchez, and Andrij Deneka

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Enjoy darlings!