thatgirl006 Photo Exclusive: Evidence, A Dance Company's "On Our Toes" Hamptons Benefit

photography & photo curation: Ayodele Casel

thatgirl006 contributor, Nicole Adell Johnson and staff photographer, Ayodele Casel attended Evidence, A Dance Company's 10th Annual "On Our Toes" Hamptons benefit in Bridgehampton, NY Saturday, August 17th. Take it from us, this is a fabulous "Don't Miss" event! Guests enjoyed breezy cocktails, luscious food and brilliant dancing by Evidence, A Dance Company into the night.

Don't worry, we will remind you to get your tickets for "On Our Toes" next year. In the meantime, here are a few photos that capture the spirit (and fashion) of the evening.

Enjoy darlings!

l-r: Imani Nzingha, Clayton Lawrence, Keiko Voltaire 
l-r: Reginald Van Lee, Kephra Burns, Ronald K. Brown, Susan Taylor
l-r: Reggie Canal, Jamar Bogan

 top-bottom: Clarice Young, Arcell Cabuag, Solomon Dumas
 top-bottom: Maresa D'Amore Morrison, Evidence, A Dance Company
l-r: Erin, Troy Wolf
l-r: Ronald K. Brown, Matthew Rushing

l-r: Solomon Dumas, Randall Riley

l-r: Arcell Cabuag, Shayla Caldwell , Torya Beard, Maresa D'Amore

l-r: Gerald Cauley, John Campbell, David Campbell, Damon Culcleasure

l-r: Nicole Adell, Torya Beard, Arcell Cabuag

l-r: Fatima Kafele, Maresa D'Amore Morrison,  Torya Beard,  Alicia Hall Moran

Ronald K. Brown, Nicole Adell Johnson

l-r: Annique Roberts, Maresa D'Amore Morrison, Torya Beard

More about Evidence, A Dance Company

To promote understanding of the human experience in the African Diaspora through dance and storytelling and to provide sensory connections to history and tradition through music, movement, and spoken word, leading deeper into issues of spirituality, community responsibility and liberation.

Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, A Dance Company 
80 Hanson Place, Suite 605 Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone 718-230-4633   Fax 718-230-4641

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